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road planning bits

Product Type:road planning bit
Applications:use for Shearer, boring machines, milling machines and other equipment
Category:Road Milling Bits

1. We have a few senior engineers who specializes in tungsten carbide field for many decades.we can select appropriate grade 

and composition according to your application and your requirements. 

2. for your non-standard parts,we have rich experience to produce them per your requirements. 

we have strict quality control and assurance system to guarantee the consistent quality

Use:it is widely used in petroleum drilling and snow removal, 
snow plow machines and other equipments.Also be used for drilling, mining and road sweeping machine, snow removal and road 

maintenance tools. More. it has a great help in quarrying, mining, tunneling tools, as well as civil construction.

+(86)0635-2929827 2937899

1.Canal and underground engineering
                 2.Road construction  / Building renovation
                 3.Demolition work / Tunneling
                 4.Civil engineering / Rock removal
                 5.Forestry / Smelt industry

construction auger drilling tungsten teeth
.long service life
.high feed rate
.high wear resistance
Foundation drilling tools, which can keep excavating in the adversity of conglomerate, boulders, laccoliths and steels, are

applied in drilling and excavating-related projects, such as building foundation, bridge and road construction.

Physical Description:  1.Steel Body, made by material 40Cr or 42CrMo, heat treatment with 40-44HRC hardness.    
                       2.has high toughness and wearable character.
                       3.Tip is made from Low press Sintered, and Suitable Grade Selected according to the Target Projects,

Which are to make sure the good performance during working.
For Areas Using: 1.Canal and underground engineering
                 2.Road construction  / Building renovation
                 3.Demolition work / Tunneling
                 4.Civil engineering / Rock removal
                 5.Forestry / Smelt industry
For Machines : The products adapt to the machine with all the performance features such as a high feed rate, a long service

life and short tool changing times. Together with the parts supply assurance, a high daily production volume, and above-average

economy is guaranteed.

 1. We have a few senior engineers who specializes in tungsten carbide field for many decades.we can select appropriate grade

and composition according to your application and your requirements.

2. for your non-standard parts,we have rich experience to produce them per your requirements.

we have strict quality control and assurance system to guarantee the consistent quality

Use:it is widely used in petroleum drilling and snow removal,
snow plow machines and other equipments.Also be used for drilling, mining and road sweeping machine, snow removal and road

maintenance tools. More. it has a great help in quarrying, mining, tunneling tools, as well as civil construction.

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 Liaocheng Ruizuan Construction Cutters Co.,Ltd is located in deep processing of non-ferrous metals industrial park,Liaocheng Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province.
The company mainly produces the tools of shield machine, thin layer mining machine and mining machine,which are used in large machinery mining and tunneling .It is also a machinery manufacturing enterprise that involves research , development and design, production and management  .

   We are an enormously powerful company which covers an area of about 70000 square meters and exists 200 staffs,including30 technicals,10 advanced and professional engineers。The company owns nearly 1.5 billion of total assets ,including ninety million of fixed assets; Meanwhile it has mechanical processing, heat treatment, forging equipment more than 260 sets, of which 1600T friction press,  has achieved the leading level domestically in machining center, vacuum quenching machine, and automatic welding production lines.

    Liaocheng Ruizuan Construction Cutters Co.,Ltd has got the certification of ISO9000/2000 . The company adheres to the business principles of“integrity and pragmatic”,“mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit”to welcome insiders give us all kinds of cooperation(technical cooperation, research and development of new products and plans to samples precessing).


Sales Hotline

Sales Hotline