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flat teeth

Product Type:BA04
Category:Trenching Bits

1.We have a few senior engineers o specializes in tungsten carbide field for many decades.we can select appropriate grade and composition according to your application and your requirements.<br> 2.for your non-standard parts,we have strong ability to make mold by ourselves,and produce them per your requirements.<br> 3. we have strict quality control and assurance system to guarantee the consistent quality

+(86)0635-2929827 2937899
For Machines :The products adapt to the machine with all the performance features such as a high feed rate, a long service life and short tool changing times. Together with the parts supply assurance, a high daily production volume, and above-average economy is guaranteed
Mining bits are tools for boring into rock and earth. They are used to drill blasting holes and penetrate both soft and hard rock materials. Products are also used in many other mining, quarrying, tunneling, construction, geological exploration, and blasting applications. Mining bits can be classified as chiseling bits, tapered or threaded cross-style bits, anchor bits or self-drilling anchor systems, blasting furnace taping hole bits or rods, or coal cutter bits. They feature a hollow body with multiple, outward-extending wings.
1.We have a few senior engineers o specializes in tungsten carbide field for many decades.we can select appropriate grade and composition according to your application and your requirements.
2.for your non-standard parts,we have strong ability to make mold by ourselves,and produce them per your requirements.
3. we have strict quality control and assurance system to guarantee the consistent quality

Sales Hotline

Sales Hotline